Public Speaking Wiki

Reading for next Wednesday, 9/24, from Heinrichs Control the Argument (pdf).

1. REMEMBER your self-assessment of the great speech for Wednesday!
2. Here are teaching speech assignments with links. (I will put up wave 2 pages soon.) Try to be creative, and remember, you are _teaching _ your audience something, not telling them!
3. How to do the Wiki Assignment.

Wave 1
Informative Speaking—Michelle
Persuasive Speaking—Kelsey
Selecting Topic, Purpose, Thesis—Sere
Organizing Main Body Points—Danielle
Organizing Conclusions—Jared
Speaking Anxiety—Josh
Verbal Delivery—Jatolloa
Nonverbal Delivery—Jessica

Wave 2
Transitions—Alyssa D
Language Use—Alyssa G
Logical Reasoning—Allyson
Emotional Reasoning—Shawna

Wave 3
Visual Aids—Jillian
Ceremonial Speaking—Mina

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